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Player name: Ana
Contact: [ profile] cuddlebug
Characters currently in-game: n/a

Character Name: Pellaz Cevarro
Character Age: 19
Canon: Wraeththu
Canon Point: Enchantments, book 2 chapter 1 (death)

History: Humanity is going extinct. Wraeththu are the future, a hermaphroditic species new to this world that evolved from human males, known to each other as har/hara. Pellaz was born human, a sheltered farm boy who believed the urban legend horror stories about the thing he was destined to become. Wraeththu were demons, werewolves, vampires, terrifying creatures who stole children away in the dead of night. Still, he was curious, and when a Wraeththu actually showed up on the farm promising him a better life, Pell went along despite being terrified. This Wraeththu, Cal, took him to a settlement called Saltrock where he was turned via blood transfusion or “inception” by the one named Thiede; a figure shrouded in mystery that sends whispers throughout the town. At this point all we know is that Thiede is immensely powerful and his coming is rare and special, though later in canon it’s revealed that he is the Aghama, the first Wraeththu, practically their god. It’s from him that Pell gains the magic abilities innate in all their kind. He’s given a speech about what Wraeththu being the future and something special being intended for him, then left in Saltrock with Cal to set about learning to use his new powers.

In Saltrock, studying under a teacher named Orien, Pell learned exceptionally quickly and showed an aptitude for healing magics, though there wasn’t much Orien could teach him besides the basics. He and Cal remain in Saltrock for several years with their friends (Pell is close friends with a har named Flick who helped him through his althaia, the changing after inception), growing closer and building up the town and a solid codependence to one another. They then set off on a journey to find Pell better teachers. The first tribe they travel to is far into the desert, and the journey nearly kills them, but they hit a point where turning around no longer becomes the safer option so they carry on. The Kakkahaar appear to them right when they’re about to give up… they rise from the desert like wraiths and and their leader introduces themselves as Lianvis. He asks why they’ve braved the desert and agrees to teach Pell once he hears that Thiede is the one who incepted him, escorting Pell and Cal to their settlement.

The Kakkahaar are mystics of great power, seers who earn their living by glimpsing into the future for men and hara alike. From the start, Pell doesn’t trust them, which Lianvis seems to know. He tells Pell he’ll be tested the next day as an evaluation of his magic but then drugs them that first night and interrogates him in that state. The next day Pell is called to Lianvis’ tent and attacked by the leader’s consort, a Wraeththu named Ulaume from the Colurastes tribe. He tries to both thrall Pell and trap him physically but Pell manages to fight him off in a battle of wills. Ulaume is defeated and as a result Lianvis wants to skip Pell a caste level, from Neomalid to Acantha (there’s a table here detailing the caste system; it involves not just magical skill but concentration of the mind and discovery of oneself), a move that neither he nor Cal think he’s ready for. Lianvis also speaks of “the darker side of Wraeththu power,” which Pell rejects. Still, he decides to stay and learn from Lianvis, his methods questionable as they are, and ascend to Acantha. His studies begin.

Two weeks in, a human comes to the Kakkahaar settlement looking to do business with Lianvis. He sends Pell and Cal away but they decide to spy -- and find out that peering into the future for money isn’t all that Lianvis does. He’s also a hit man in exchange for… something. They skip the evening meal knowing they’ll be drugged again and sneak out into the desert after Lianvis, where they witness the murder of a young boy for power. That was the exchange. Pell wants to leave immediately but it isn’t safe, so again they stay just to complete Pell’s ascension to Acantha. They leave the very next day, with warnings to go back to Saltrock, to stay away from the trouble surrounding humans and hara, and to try and stay alive until Pell has matured enough to use his powers fully. They flee, not even knowing where they’re going next, just wanting to get away from the Kakkahaar.

What they run into is just as bad, or worse. They travel north uneventfully for several days until they discover the ruins of a human town and come upon a gunfight. When they call out psychically and reveal themselves as Saltrock hara they’re told it’s alright to come out, and that the winning group they’ve stumbled upon is that of the Irakka. They were fighting with the remaining Varrs, a different tribe that had originally claimed the human town. Their leader, Spinel, extends an invitation to follow them to their town, Phesbe, and with a dozen guns pointed at them Pell and Cal agree. Phesbe turns out to be another ruined human town, and a disaster.

The Irakka proved to be a small warlike splinter group without much magical ability to speak of; many were injured and untreated and their living situation was reduced to one building, in which Pell finds a dying har named Cobweb. His leg has been shattered and the bone broken through, and it’s the first major healing Pell attempts. He’s slow at it, but manages. They talk, and it turns out that Cobweb is a Varr left behind due to his injuries and held as a prisoner of war by the Irakka. When Pell tells Cal, Cal thinks it wise to take Cobweb along when they leave the next day -- an extremely dangerous endeavor but one they agree upon. The next morning Cal manages to convince Spinel that Cobweb is still dying and wants to go back to his tribe to do so; they intend to leave and take him. This goes over as expected and the two have to show force to escape the Irakka by collapsing a part of the building. They take Cobweb and, again, flee.

Continuing north and passing through numerous dead towns, they travel with Cobweb towards the Varr homelands with Pell tending to his leg each morning. They speak of the end of the world of man, with Pell and Cobweb discussing how to save them from extinction or even try to join it to Wraeththu’s future. It’s an exceptionally un-Varrlike way of thinking, as the Varrs are at war with mankind as well as other hara who would try to claim their territory, such as the Irakka. They learn that the Varrs have also learned to reproduce amongst themselves, no longer needing humans to expand their ranks, and that Cobweb himself actually has a son. They’ll meet him soon.

They come to Galhea, the main Varrish town, and turn Cobweb over to guards who escort them to the home of Terzian, their leader. Terzian speaks mostly of war and tells them that Cobweb was their ticket in -- returning him is why Pell and Cal are still alive. Discussing it that night they agree that they don’t care for Varrish war practices but going farther north would be dangerous and there is probably much Pell could learn from teachers in Galhea. It also boasts comforts they haven’t known since leaving Saltrock. So they stay with Terzian’s blessing, getting jobs at a nearby farm to earn their keep and learning more about the culture. They find that unlike other hara the Varrs have again split the masculine and feminine apart again to reproduce and meet the son Cobweb spoke of, a six month old named Swift who appears at least two; Wraeththu children age faster than human. Pell grows fond of the child during their time in Galhea, often taking Swift on his knee and telling him stories. From time to time prisoners of war are brought into the city for execution, but overall Galhea is peaceful and pleasant, not much like what they expected of Varrs.

It’s likely they could have stayed indefinitely there, but after about two months Terzian took an interest in Cal. He sends Cobweb to Pell as a distraction, which works to a point -- it’s the first he’s seen of Cobweb since they brought him back. The thing is, at this point Pell and Cal are completely inseparable, their affection for one another going beyond what hara traditionally practice. There are meant to be no couples, no love for one another but only a universal love for all of their race; the shadow of love is jealousy and they are not meant to be selfish with one another, yet these two are. That night that Terzian sends for Cal is their last in Galhea, as they flee together the next. They go south again, hoping to outrun winter and avoid more war. Cal speaks of searching for Immanion, a myth of a city where everything is perfect, but it’s just talk. Neither of them expect to ever find it. Little do either of them know that Pell is destined for Immanion, and their time together has been watched by Thiede all along.

One morning, as they travel, Cal asks simply, “Pell, do you think we are in love?” It’s the conversation that dooms them. They determine that yes, they are in love, and that they don’t care if it’s alright or not... But as always, Thiede has been watching. Pell falling in love was never part of the plan for him. They get one more day together, spent riding towards another empty human village that proves to be not so empty. One person remains, inexplicably, a woman who was sent to kill Pell. She gets off one shot to the head before Cal ends her life and then discovers that he was too slow. Pell is already dead, and his soul taken by Thiede… or Hadriel.

Personality: Pell is a friendly person, well mannered and well spoken with a gentle nature. He makes a good first impression that he eventually ruins by being a brat over something or another, like failing at selflessness he strives for. (Usually people like him enough by then that they can just give him a good “Pell. Stop.” and that ends the whining.) He’s young and poorly socialized, after all, and can be selfish about a lot of things -- especially the people he loves. In that vein, he becomes codependent easily and needs a ridiculous amount of attention. First it’s from his sister to whom he was attached at the hip, then it was his friend Flick in Saltrock, and finally Cal to whom he becomes inseparable. There are benefits to this, though, it’s not all “oh god Pell go away go cuddle someone else.” He’s intensely loyal and caring, a good listener, and he’ll always put his own shit aside and be there for you when you need him.

As a human, Pell is painfully naive and innocent and sheltered. His life is difficult on the farm, but he doesn’t begin to understand how difficult things could be until the long and uncomfortable journey to Saltrock. There, after being turned, he’s the same person in a slightly different body (all of the physical changes except those to their genitalia are internal), still needing to learn how to interact with the world in the first place. He’s in an environment with more people than he’s ever known and slowly learns to read others and socialize -- later on Wraeththu telepathy and empathy come into play and help even more. But Saltrock is still a peaceful and positive place… it’s not until he and Cal begin to travel and see the world that Pell learns the ugliness of both humanity and Wraeththu, sees war and murder and cruelty. He loses his innocence but not his positivity or kindness; he still sees the best in everyone and learning how to control his newfound magic combined with his trust in Cal give him the confidence and strength to keep going despite the dangers ahead. His good heart was always there, it just took becoming har and discovering that himself to bring it out.

Despite a sheltered upbringing with little to no education, Pell is extremely intelligent and a quick study, always curious and eager to learn about everything, not just the magic he’s traveling to learn specifically — he wants to learn about the people around him, about different cultures and histories and legends. It means that he’s always asking questions, to the point of annoyance sometimes. But it was in part this craving to learn about the world that made him leave his home. Another part was Cal himself, and the rest was his tendency to take risks and follow his instincts without thinking too much about it. He thinks about things after the fact (often too much, doubting himself) but a lot of his decisions are made based on what he feels is right in the moment. This gets them into trouble every now and again, like how he urges Cal to stay in an active warzone so he can heal Cobweb, an injured prisoner of war. And how they help said prisoner escape, an incredibly dangerous idea. He does things like this, and like leaving home in the first place, despite being frightened. It doesn’t matter if he’s scared, the most important thing is his gut feeling — in this case not being able to leave someone in danger.

While he may not have much impact on the world around him, he has impact on individuals, particularly Cal and Cobweb. Cal’s cynicism fades around Pell, he becomes kinder himself and more optimistic. Cobweb, obviously, wouldn’t be alive if not for Pell healing him and taking him away from the Irakka, but Pell also renews his will to live through their discussions of how to end the destruction around them, and shows him that people can still be kind in their world. Just by being there he and Cal show young Swift that not all outsiders are to be feared and destroyed. In general, he gives people hope just by being himself.

See, Pell wants to help everyone he comes across who needs it. Cal says he “loves too easily” but the truth is that he sees the best in everyone. Not just wants to see it, he does see it, and he’ll cling to that shred of goodness and try to draw it out. And he’s stubborn when he makes up his mind to do something. He won’t go back on it or betray his word no matter how much doubt builds up or how difficult a situation gets. He’s not afraid of hard work in any sense, be it physical labor (he looks delicate and pretty but he’s worked on several farms and helped build a town) or an emotional endurance test. He’s stronger than he seems in pretty much every way and will lend that strength to anyone in need.

Inventory: Two daggers and a tiger’s eye pendant around his neck. He’s also wearing a cloak that’s been enchanted to guarantee comfort to the wearer in any weather condition, hot or cold, wet or dry.

Abilities: Wraeththu ‘magic’ isn’t so much magic as an application of willpower. They can both enchant objects and apply their will to directly to tasks. Pell’s natural inclination is towards healing, but he can also apply his will towards things like telekinesis and pyrokinesis. He can ‘borrow’ energy from others for a bigger show of power, e.g. collapsing a building instead of just moving items around. He’s not a fighter but can and has used these abilities to fight when needed.

Flaws: Pell can be a real brat, and stubborn as hell when he wants something. He whines when he doesn’t get his way. When he’s unhappy or uncomfortable in general, he sulks. He’s codependent, a hedonist, and he’s far too fussy about his hair.

Action Log Sample: (this is the TDM starter I chickened out of posting)


[ Pell arrived terrified. That’s what happens, he reasons, when you show up anywhere after being shot in the head. He hadn’t expected to wake up at all and here there was no bright light, no welcoming guide, no… nothing from the tales spun to his younger self by the preachers. There was only a dilapidated city, dark and wrong somehow, and they lack of sky. No stars, no moon, only darkness that his attempts at making light didn’t penetrate. There must be a ceiling whenever he is, and first impressions lead him to believe that his posthumous existence must be hell without the flame. As he explores with his cloak pulled tight around him the word purgatory comes to mind. Wraeththu don’t have any sort of place in the afterlife he’s been taught of, after all.

He keeps catching glimpses of other people and then not moving fast enough to catch up before they turn a corner, and he’s too timid to call out. Who knows what might come running. Then A crash from an alley off to his left makes the noise for him, startling him badly enough to stumble but gets his attention; it sounded like something landing heavily, displacing whatever was around it. ]


[ His voice is thin and afraid even to his ears. A deep breath, a light summoned in his palm, and he takes a step in that direction wondering if someone’s hurt. ]

Hello? Are you alright?

[ It’s rather hard for him to determine that himself, when the creature comes forward. It’s an amorphous thing, roiling within its limits and moving disconcertingly fast towards the entrance of the alley where he was standing. The thing’s not hurt, it’s a thing and Pell instinctively knows it wants to cause him harm. The light he’s holding turns to flame without his conscious effort and he backs away until he hits a building on the opposite side… then he turns and runs in a panic. There’s another only few blocks up ahead and he’s forced to turn again, down the winding streets of the darkened city with slimy, blobby pursuers on his tail.

Maybe he runs into you, then, one of the people he saw moving through the city earlier, or maybe you’ve also just arrived. But you’re not a blob, so he’s going to skid to a stop and gesture behind him with a hand still cupping a flame. ]

There’s something after us. Lots of them. I might need your help.
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AGE: 27
CONTACT: [ profile] cuddlebug, pellameno @ AIM/gchat


NAME: Pellaz
CANON: Wraeththu
AGE: 19
CANON POINT: Enchantments, book 2 chapter 1 (death)

BACKGROUND:There is no such wiki(a) article, so I will try and keep this super brief and easy to read!

Humanity is going extinct. Wraeththu are the future, a hermaphroditic species new to this world that evolved from human males. Pellaz was born human, a sheltered farm boy who believed the urban legend horror stories about the thing he was destined to become. Still, he was curious, and when a Wraeththu actually showed up on the farm promising him a better life, Pell went along despite being terrified. He’s scared of a lot of things and does them anyway because of his sense of adventure and desire to learn. This Wraeththu, Cal, took him to a settlement where he was turned via blood transfusion and sex (yes that’s a big part of it). He gained the magic abilities innate in all their kind and set about learning to use them. Pell showed an aptitude for healing, and he and Cal set off on a journey to find him better teachers, the ensuing adventures being the bulk of the story up to his canon point. The world is at war (between humans and Wraeththu and among the Wraeththu tribes) and life totally sucks, but the two are madly in love and despite his being a bit of a brat, Pell is a positive and friendly person up to the moment he’s shot in the head and killed. At which point, he’ll come to Eudio. In bullet points:

- needy and requires a lot of attention/affection
- adventurous, always curious and wanting to learn
- extremely intelligent and a fast learner despite a sheltered upbringing
- wants to help everyone, to a fault
- sees the best in everyone, to a fault (“loves too easily”)
- can be bratty and whiny when he’s unhappy
- cares way too much about his hair

INCENTIVE/FIT: Drr drr drr this game was made for me Pell. He will fit in brilliantly being an extremely cuddly person, sometimes to the point of it being tiresome. The incentive of course would have been that they’ll send him home alive, but any alternative to being dead would have been a viable incentive. The humanization noted in ‘anything else’ is the biggest obstacle he’ll have to get over, and is a small price to pay for not being dead. At this moment in canon, Pell has no idea he’s about to be resurrected anyway.

Sexual hang-ups: he is not and never has been terribly interested in ladies.

1. AUverse, same personality
2. PSL, based in his home world
3. Eudio-inspired voice test; continues to test drive
4. Eudio test drive, 2, 3, 4

ANYTHING ELSE? As per this conversation, Pell will be mostly-humanized as male for Eudio but retain a feminine appearance.

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Name: Ana / [ profile] anatari

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Previous Characters: Ken [ profile] hidaka_ken, Terry [ profile] my_name_now, Kurt [ profile] bumpetysplat, Wataru [ profile] bakubakubaku, Tallahassee [ profile] ortwinkieup.

There are concrit/plotting posts up at each of my character's journals, along with indexes for important posts in their journals.

Update: In 2008 I began making Thread Log posts, which can be found at the top of their journals. Threads PRIOR TO 2008 can be found in my characters' memories. If a character was dropped prior to 2008, their threads are EXCLUSIVELY in memories. As of 2009 I have stopped adding threads to memories and will be logging USING LOG POSTS ONLY.

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Other: If you're going to be in the NYC area, I love meeting CFUDers! And feeding them. You will be fed.
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[soiree old and new for Pell, Eiri, Peppo, Zeta, Taiki, Steve, and Claudia]
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Basically I've been really violently ill all week and haven't had brainpower for even a single tag. I should have tossed up a hiatus when I first got sick, but didn't think that it would last this long... I thought I'd kicked it but I'm still not better, it seems.

Apologies to everyone I owe threads to, idek if I should pick stuff up when I do feel up to playing because it's been so long but I will try and go through and poke everyone. Hopefully soon.

Should this even go in CFO? I have no idea. I've been idle a week.

eeeehhhhh dun wan annoy everyone /journalpost
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[CONTINUATIONS AND NEW FOR turnbull pell eiri peppo zeta taiki ryuichi steve NO CAPTCHA]
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[i want to play and have missed way too much camp stuff because i can't use LJ. this is a post for anything and everything for all my characters because i fucking can, okay? mistletoe bedninja? go for it. christmas presents we haven't traded yet? yup. threads you want to pick up? let's go. wanna talk about your vacation? this is a good place.

vacation logs themselves will be separate.

turnbull pell eiri peppo zeta taiki ryuichi steve (still setting up some accounts)

please play with me!]
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old and new: turnbull pell eiri peppo zeta taiki ryuichi steve]
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[this is a catch all fourth-wall post because there was a hurricane and people were on vacation and i didn't get to do stuff and i am self-indulgent. so there. deal with it.]
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Just tossing up an apology for dropping threads and not being around... at all... these past few days. Life kind of spiraled into complete madness. I hope to be able to play again this weekend, and will pick up dropped threads for anyone who doesn't mind super late tags.

Sorry guys. ;o;
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This isn't important enough for CFO, but I'm going to go ahead and hiatus... about half my lineup. Between accounts expiring and not feeling well, I'm not playing much. And I've got some overnights coming up soon, anyway. Perhaps if I focus on the playable characters, I'll snap out of this funk? That's Pell, Eiri, Turnbull, Taiki, Zeta, and Steve, for the record, if anyone wants to thread with them.

Eiri's counselees! I haven't heard from any of you despite tagging, but notifs have been down, so... if you want counseling--!
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